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Learn about the latest and greatest from EduCare Oshkosh!
By Mary on 9/26/2019 9:15 AM
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Mini Skate Park Maker Kit Build your own working skate park model made of real wood! The Mini Skate Park features lots of fun physics action, including a stair descent, rail slide and a jump—so once you build your skate park, you can run marbles through it! For ages 9 and up

Diggin’ Dino Bones A Puzzle Game

Get ready to excavate dinosaur bones!  Diggin’ Dino Bones is a puzzle game that will have you digging for bones and assembling the skeleton of your favorite dinosaurs.  You are a paleontologist commissioned to find the bones of a specific dinosaur.  Search the excavation site and be the first to find and assemble your dino bone puzzle to win! For ages 4 and up.

Cover your Assets

The first player to reach $1,000,000 wins. This usually happens in three to five rounds. If time is short, you can also just play one hand for some quick fun. Each player builds their own stack of assets by placing matching sets of cards crisscross (perpendicular), one on top of another. While making your own sets of assets is ok, it’s way more fun to snatch them from your neighbors.

By Mary on 3/4/2019 2:25 PM
15% off Sale March 29 - 30 

15% off all regularly priced items, In stock items only, Excludes Previously Purchased items

Picture Charades

Picture Charades is the perfect party game for kids or simply for when they want to 'act out'!  No reading required, so the wee ones can play without parents.  Since there are no words on the picture cards, kids use critical thinking skills to judge and interpret the correct answer.  For ages 3 and up

Keys to the Castle A fast-paced fun-filled game based on strategy and luck, where your fortune rests on the turn of a key!  Race against your fellow knights through the castle, where behind every door awaits a surprise.  By opening and locking doors, be the first to cross the precarious maze to the other side. There is no time for chivalry! Padlock doors and charge ahead while your opponents hacksaw their way through barred doors and hunt for keys. Go forth knights!

By Mary on 2/6/2019 12:11 PM

Melissa & Doug Roll & Ring Ramp Tower

Keep playtime rolling with two wooden cars that zoom, zip, ring, and flip down the wooden zig-zag track! Kids 12 months and older will delight in dropping a car at the top of the tower and watching as it chimes at each turn and then flips over to zoom down the next ramp. This engaging, hands-on activity encourages sensory development along with both fine and gross motor skills.  First Play toys feature bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs that boost skills while sparking imagination and wonder—right from the start! 

I See 10! Math Game

Reel in addition skills by catching combinations of 10! Players take turns flipping cards to show numbers and shout out "I see 10!" when they see combinations of numbers that together make 10. Collect the most 10s and win! Beware of the hungry Shark cards—pull one and your whole catch goes back! 

By Mary on 1/2/2019 1:01 PM
Puzzles 15% Off  all regularly priced items January 14 – 19 Wooden and Traditional puzzles 3 to 1000 pieces available White Mountain, Ravensburger, Melissa & Doug And More! In stock items only. Excludes previously purchased items

Medieval Castle and Pretty Purple Doll House From Melissa & Doug

Take puzzle building to new heights with these 3-D puzzles and play sets in one! Detailed section by section instructions help kids fit together the more than 100 foam pieces--with no glue or scissors required--into a multi-level fortress. They open for added play space and includes accessories. Pieces and sections are color-, shape-, and number-coded for easy but entertaining assembly. A great activity for adults and children to do together, the 3-D puzzle helps children six and older to develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, attention span, and an understanding of spatial relationships.  For...
By Mary on 11/29/2018 12:56 PM

Door Pong It's ping pong without the table! Attach the clamp to the top of any doorway, turn the dial to adjust the length of the string, and then serve up hours of active fun.

Flickin’ Chicken They bounce, they roll, but can YOU hit the target? Nine rounds of CHICKEN THROWING INSANITY! Fun indoors or out.This go anywhere game is a blast at the beach, in your backyard, in your neighbor's backyard, at the local park, in your living room, while tailgating, while on vacation, at a family reunion, or anywhere good friends and fun can be found!

Santa & Mrs. Claus Will be at EduCare Saturday Dec. 8 & 15 From 11:00 to noon You may bring your own camera!

Story Times Wed & Sat Story Times start at 10:30am Come and hear some stories, dance and make a craft project. No fees or sign-up required

Dec. 1 Frosty the Snowman will be at EduCare

Dec 15 Christmas...
By Mary on 11/1/2018 8:40 AM

Don’t Miss EduCare’s Angel Project - Get into the holiday spirit of giving for a needy child at the Christine Ann Center for domestic abuse. Starting Nov. 26, EduCare will feature a tree trimmed with angel ornaments. Our customers are encouraged to take an angel off the tree and buy a book or toy for the child it represents. EduCare will take 20% off your Angel purchase and deliver the gifts to the children. Working together, we can add joy to the holidays for everyone in the community – while teaching our children the pleasure of giving.

Help us spread the word about the benefits of shopping local Neighborhood Toy Store Day Sat. Nov 10, 2017 Join us from 11am till 1pm Free craft projects, and games! 15% off all regularly priced items, In stock items only Excludes Previously Purchased items and Special Orders

PAPER MACHE FASHION DESIGN SET -Design and create a collection of 3D clothing...