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Construction toys are educational. Building toys builds resourcefulness, creativity, visual-spatial skills, fine motor skills, and problem-solving ability, We carry high quality Keva wooden planks, Bristle blocks, Nanoblocks, Magformers, Geomag sets, marble runs, cardboard blocks, and others.

Cardboard Blocks

By Melissa & Doug

Wooden Blocks

By Melissa & Doug

Magneatos Building Series

Magna Tiles

Clear & Solid colors are available 

Marble Runs

Squiigz Construction Set

.New Mini Squigz set now available 

Bristle Blocks


Building Block Sets


Feel the power! Feel the magnetic Magic! As they always connect!Erector Sets

Doodle Pro

By Fisher Price

Build-A-Road X-Track!

By International Plaything

Kidoozie toys are engaging, educational and offer hours of creative playtime fun. The Build-A-Road X-Track from Kidoozie includes over 11 feet of interchangeable flexible track and 2 battery operated cars. The cars race around the track, flying around curves, over the mountain and through the tunnel! Easy to build, no tools required.

Zoob & Zoob Jr.

ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together 20 different ways, so there's no limit to what kids can build. And because ZOOB pieces can move, kids can play with their creations, instead of just looking at them.

ZOOB is great for boys and for girls, and its open-ended building encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imaginations.



Just imagine, create and play! Snapo blocks give you endless possibilities to build sideways, and you can change design on the go because they rotate and slide. Did you ever want constructions that extend in different levels? Do you like to build round top shapes? Do you like to change direction placing your blocks upside-down? With Snapo blocks now you can! Imagine it… and just play!. 

For 3 years of age and up